Match Report
Wells Cathedral School Boys-U8A vs  Paragon School
On: Monday, 07 Oct 2019
Venue: Away

U8 Rugby v Paragon

The U8's played in a Paragon/Wells 'mash up' over at Prior Park on Monday. This was enjoyed by all. Oliver Beats and Freddie Petheram served as the Wells presence playing against each other in one game whilst Harley Fairey, Isaac Marshall, Rufus Smith and Ollie Clare split into 2's and mixed in with Paragon in the other game.

All players performed well. Freddie Petheram did well to tackle anything that moved and ran dynamically straight to score several tries. Oliver Beats was ruthless when running with the ball and weaved magically in and out of the Paragon defence. This was his best game yet and resulted in a trio of tries across the afternoon!! Well done.

Harley Fairey made evasive running look easy in the pitch 2 game. He ran tries in and defended like a demon when roles reversed. Rufus Smith and Ollie Clare also demonstrated determination and stood out for their dynamic running. Isaac Marshall was a tackle master as usual but extended his repertoire of skills to include 'pop' passes and running onto the ball when the opportunity presented itself. This was awesome to witness and Isaac should feel ten feet tall!

Well done U8's.

Mr. B