Match Report
Wells Cathedral School Girls-U11A vs  Warminster School
On: Wednesday, 06 Nov 2019
Venue: Away

U10/U11 Super Swarfs v Warminster School

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Captain: Anouk Brindle

Final Score: 0-0

Player of the Match: Natasha Willsher

Following our game against Stonar in this triangular fixture we returned to the pitch to play Warminster School. We won the toss and took the first push back where Anouk Brindle sent the ball back to Natasha Willsher who hit the ball out strong to the right-wing where Lily Clare dribbled the ball up the pitch. A competitive game followed where the ball moved up and down the pitch. Natasha worked away tirelessly making great tackles and winning the ball for Wells. Lucille Raynal must be commended on playing her first hockey match for Wells and she kept her position out on the left wing to send a good push pass through to Anouk Brindle. Tohar Westwell was good in defence and protected the goal as we didn’t play with a goalkeeper. Some great work by Madeleine Dunn and Estella Fawden in midfield ensured that we had most of the possession throughout the game. Madeleine sent the ball strong into the goal circle where Natasha Willsher and Estella Fawden narrowly missed a couple of scoring opportunities. There were some great tackles made by Ottilie Peppe and Tohar Westewell in the second half. Everyone kept their positions and worked hard to distribute the ball and offload it quickly. Unfortunately, we just could not find the back of the net and held Warminster to a 0-0 draw as the final whistle blew. Natasha Willsher was recognised and nominated by Warminster School as the player of the match for Wells. Well done to everyone!

Match report was written by Anouk Brindle and Mrs Swarfield

U10/U11 Wells Super Swarfs v Stonar

Wednesday 6 November 2019

Captain: Ottilie Peppe

Player of the Match: Natasha Willsher

Final Score: Drew 2-2

On Wednesday 6 November Wells took a trip to Warminster to play some matches. Our team were playing against Stonar first, it was a triangular match. Wells had first push back. We had a brilliant start at first but Stonar climbed their way up to score two goals. At half time we had a great team talk and went back on pitch raring to go. Our first goal was scored by Natasha Willsher with the help of Lucille Raynall, then Natasha scored another goal with perfect timing.

Now here are a few words from me, The Captain.

Natasha Willsher: Getting stuck into the game and ran after the ball and scoring us our two goals! Great positioning on the pitch.

Estella Fawden: Sending the ball out wide and getting back on the pitch after hurting herself.

Lucille Raynal: Trying her best, and helped Tash with her first goal.

Anouk Brindle: Tackling well and running after the ball.

Lily Clare: Always out wide and ready for the ball.

Madeleine Dunn: Getting down low when tackling.

Tohar Westwell: Having a great attitude and getting any opportunity to send the ball out wide.

Player of the match: Natasha Willsher

Final score: 2-2

Thank you very much for allowing me to be Captain. I really enjoyed the match.

Match report was written by Ottilie Peppe

Warminster vs Wells Cathedral School U11

First centre: Warminster


Warminster started with the ball using the width of the pitch. This caught Wells out and tried to chase the ball and tackle and shadow but lost a few times. Warminster made some great challenges on the ball. Wells GK, Darcey Burmester made some superb saves but a lack of support from her defence left her open and a goal was scored. Wells struggled to relax into the game and didn't show the passion and speed at which they usually play, another attempt at goal by Warminster and the ball skimmed Darcy’s foot and another goal was scored on the whistle. End of first half Wells was two points down.

After a little pep talk from Mrs Bain, Wells were switched on and ready. Wells have been playing well, but the aggression to win the ball back was missing. We needed to some drive and determination is we wanted to score.

Sasha Watson and Vera Kung kept their space and switched play when needed. The ball was sent up the pitch to Isabella Rossi and Maria, who were backed up by Esther Kench who drove up the pitch to support. Warminster started to push the ball back but Wells stood their ground so they couldn’t go anywhere. Izzy took an opening opportunity and scored a goal.

Warminster took a fast centre, but a fantastic interception from Sophie Thomas stopped the ball dead, it was then swiftly pushed up the pitch where Maria equalised the score with a smashing goal.

Wells took a little time to warm up, but the game ended on a high.

Stonar vs Wells Cathedral U11

First centre: Stonar


Stonar started to play with a quick centre pass. At this point, Wells was firing on all cylinders and we're working incredibly hard, Vera and Sasha did a superb job of keeping the ball wide and keeping possession. It was a very fast and powerful game and great to be a part of. Both teams were working well. Due to footwork from both teams in the shooting D’s the team had warmed up from the game before and both teams had the opportunity to practise a coached short corner. Some great tactical play from both teams. This really was a superb game and the quality of the hockey was superb. Wells were giving it their all and we were so very close to scoring, but Stoner’s GK made some terrific saves.

The game ended on a well-deserved draw and both teams showed how good hockey can be at this age group.

Well done Wells

Written by Maria Konstantinou and Mrs Bain